Phi Kappa Phi

Phi Kappa Phi, the honor society of which Jeff Chung is a member.

Jeffrey Y.H. Chung, M.D.  is a retinal surgeon based in the DC Metropolitan area, where he has been practicing since 2008.  A native of Taiwan, he came to New York at the age of 10.  He attended Bronx High School of Science, and later went on to the University of Michigan for undergraduate studies.  Here, he graduated with high distinction, and was a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.  He later moved on to the University at Buffalo’s School of Medicine, where he received his M.D. and was inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society. After this, he completed his ophthalmology residency at the Detroit Medical Center under Dr. Gary Abrams, a legend in the world of vitreoretinal surgery. Dr. Chung then went on to complete his two-year surgical vitreoretinal fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic under the distinguished Dr. Hilel Lewis.


An intraocular injection, a specialty of Dr. Jeffrey Chung

Dr. Chung specializes in the diagnosis and medical and surgical treatments of vitreoretinal diseases.  This commonly includes macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments and tears and retinal vascular occlusions.  Dr. Chung is also skillful in performing intraocular injections with minimal discomfort, and is one of the few retinal surgeons in the DC area to surgically treat large subretinal hemorrhages from wet macular degeneration with submacular TPA injection.

Over the course of his time at the University of Michigan, Dr. Chung became a collector of folk art ice fishing decoys.  Fish decoys are wooden baits carved in the shape of a fish, painted and weighted, which have been historically used to attract hungry fish to ice fishermen.  Dr. Chung specializes in fish decoys from lake St. Clair region of Michigan, known to produce the finest fish decoys. Through his years in Michigan, Dr. Chung forged a deep relationship with some of Lake St. Clair Michigan’s master carvers and their families, and have been fortunate to amass a strong collection in this area.  A few years ago, Dr. Chung also became interested in meteorite collecting, thanks to a former patient who introduced him to it.  He owns over 40 different meteorites, including pieces from mars and moon, as well as an extremely rare pasamonte meteorite obtained via a museum exchange with Ireland.

In addition to the collecting fish decoys and meteorites, Jeffrey Chung is an enthusiastic volunteer at various different Asian health organizations in the DC Metro area.  He regularly volunteers at the Pan-Asian Volunteer Clinic, MobileMed CASSA Clinic, health fairs sponsored by the Association of Chinese American Physicians, Chinese Culture And Community Center, Prevention of Blindness Society of Greater Washington DC and other service organizations in the DC area.  During his volunteer time, he offers medical care for patients who are uninsured and specializes in diabetes patients who can develop many eye problems.